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‘I Don’t Hate Gay People’- Patrice Evra Blast PSG

Former Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra, has hit back at accusations of homophobia, after Paris Saint-Germain blasted him for calling the Ligue 1 club “a bunch of queers”, following their 3-1 loss to the Red Devils.

PSG condemned “Patrice Evra’s homophobic insults aimed at us… on social media” after a bizarre spat, in which Evra used the French word “pede”, a derogatory term for homosexuals, to describe the Parisians.

However, the 37-year-old claims his comments had been twisted by the French media.

“I made a video, as a joke as a friend, and the French media, they take it because I used the word ‘pede’, so they translated as I am against the gay people.

“I am not homophobic. I love everybody. So if I offend someone or I hurt someone, I already apologised.

“You have to be free for whatever you want to do in life, I will never judge anyone. Only God can judge me,” Evra wrote on Twitter.

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