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President Biden Signs Proclamation Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry to US

The United States President Joe Biden has signed the Proclamation on Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry to the United States, which puts an end to the bans imposed by the former President Trump on some Muslim and African countries.

Through the recently signed Proclamation Ending, Discriminatory Bans will also terminate several imposed proclamations regarding extreme vetting, VisaGuide.World reports.
“And when visa applicants request entry to the United States, we will apply a rigorous, individualized vetting system. But we will not turn our backs on our values with discriminatory bans on entry into the United States,” the proclamation published by the US’ White House reads.

Four years ago, former US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to impose the ban, which is widely known as the Muslim Ban.

“The United States was built on a foundation of religious freedom and tolerance, a principle enshrined in the United States Constitution.”

“Those actions are a stain on our national conscience and are inconsistent with our long history of welcoming people of all faiths and no faith at all,” the statement clarifies.
Countries such as Lybia, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela have been affected by the Muslim Ban imposed previously by Trump’s administration and were not permitted to enter the United States.

The African Ban, issued in 2020, affected Eritrea, Myanmar, Nigeria and Kyrgyzstan as well as persons applying for the Diversity Visas from Tanzania and Sudan.

The Proclamation Ending Discriminatory Bans does not include travel restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic or the Presidential Proclamations banning immigrants’ entry and some non-immigrants due to economic situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Travel restrictions from the United Kingdom and the European Union, as well as some other countries, which have been put in place due to the Coronavirus disease, will continue to remain effective.

In April, the former US President Donald Trump announced that it suspended the immigration temporarily to the United States, claiming that the decision was put in place in a bid to stop the further spread of the pandemic.
SOURCE : VisaGuide.World

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