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Panic As Ogun State Police Arrests Inter-state travellers [Video]

Dozens of travellers along Ode-Remo Ogun State, mostly heading towards Lagos, were arrested and taken to the Ode Remo Police Divisional Headquarters Ode-Remo Ogun State.

According to an eye witness (a reporter at Asorockvibes) who was also among the stranded travellers, dozens of police men and women blocked the road, thereby forcing commercial buses to go and park their vehicles in their stations, passengers were asked to evacuate the premises, and all the keys to the vehicles were seized.
As a confirmed by Asorockvibes reporter, some passengers spent over 2 hours at the station before they were allowed to go, and more and more vehicles were captured. nobody knew if the drivers were fined or not.
It was also confirmed that Ogun State lockdown has not been lifted completely (One Day On, One Day Off).
Meaning there will be no lockdown in the state tomorrow.
And currently there is a serious traffic at Iferu Remo, Lagos – Ibadan Express Way, which was caused by many long vehicles using the road.
Video below.
we couldn’t get the full view due the heavy police presence at the premises.


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