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Is President Muhammadu Buhari Infected with the deadly Coronavirus?? please read

IS Buhari Positive to Coronavirus, see claims gathered by Asorockvibes below and please let’s make this thread interactive by dropping our reactions and what we feel about this below.

1. His right hand man Abba Kyari was tested positive to this virus and many people he came in contact with tested positive, but after Buhari’s test the presidency came out with the result that he tested negative. Many Nigerians took to their social media to reveal that they didn’t want to tell us the result for security reasons.

2. Rumours he was flown abroad at night for treatment alongside his chief of staff Mr Abba Kyari, this same news flooded the internet and even the former minister of Aviation Hon Femi Fani Kayode took to his Twitter to say that: he should prove to us it is a lie by going live to address us else it is true. Even the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) claimed they flew to Cuba for medical assistance.

3. Dissatisfaction of Nigerians by his live video : Many Nigerian took to their social media to voice their dissatisfaction about his live video : some claimed it wasn’t a live broadcast, some said he declared curfew in States that have already been shut down by their Governors that shows how limited his information about the country is. one Lawrance Ezeudu took to his Facebook account to say he didn’t make the video in Nigeria, he claimed the video was made at Havannah hotels, we don’t know the location, he also spotted the differences between the background of the normal place he addresses Nigerians from (Aso Rock) and the background of where he addressed Nigerians from yesterday (28th of March 2020), he wrote about the brightness and contrast of the live broadcast too which screenshots are Below.

4. Everyone seen around him are all at distant with their face mask and kits except him : They are screenshots below including the VP, minister of health and even the camera men who shot the video on face mask while he’s seen without it.

Look at the camera guys

5. Doctored image of the president on face mask : the image is below including original and the doctored.

So guys we need to hear from you, what do you think?
Do you think there is something there is something they are hiding from we the citizens??
Do you think it’s right to always keep us in darkness??
Just drop your thoughts below .

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