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Paulrunz Ace Music Producer

Paulrunz a k a paul austin was born on the 2nd of August
He started his music career in the late 90s in Kaduna State, his birth place. He later moved down to Lagos in the year 1999 to pursue his career professionally.
He started as backup singer in the studio before going into sound engineering and music production which he studied under ace producers Nelson Brown and Foster Zeeno.


He was a member of the defunct 3 man band called ZIP which also had Zidon Paporella as a member. In his musical journey and exploration PAUL AUSTINE has worked with artistes
like Faze, Zullezoo, Blackfaze, ZuleZoo, Majek Fashek, Sean Tero and many more.
He currently manages The 14 Partners Alliance which houses [The 14 Music and Records and The 14 Pictures]
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