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Top 10 richest rappers in the world 2020 and their net worths.

You are welcome to our blog, in this article we will be telling you about the top 10 richest rappers in the world 2020 and we gathered our informations from forbes and Wikipedia…

As you and i knows rappers are known for their luxuxurious lifestlyles and purchase of expensive comodities including jewelries, cars, houses, and clothes and most times when you hear their prices you will be like damn it, even bill gate doesn’t spend such money on liabilities. and as soon as you hear the figures they makes for shows, tours, concerts and endorsement it will blow your mind…… So stay tuned.
10. Pharell Willams : Net worth $150M
Pharrell williams is an American Rapper, singer, song writer, music and film producer.
9. Ice Cube : Net Worth $150M
Ice cube is an american rapper, song writer, actor and film maker, he began his career as a member of a hip hop group with name C.I.A, he later joined the N.W.A.
After leaving the NWA, he build a very successfull solo career in music, coupled with his acting skills he has also featured in so many bluckbuster movies like Ride along, Barbershop and several others..
8. Drake : Net Worth $180M
Drake is a canadian rapper, singer, song writer, record producer and actor.
Drake gained his first recognition as an actor in a teen drama series in early 2000s.
Drake has won 4 grammy awards, 3 Juno Awards ands 6 BET Awards with several nominations.
7. Usher : Net Worth : $180M
Usher is an American singer, rapper, song writer, dancer and actor.
6. Master P : Net Worth $200M
Percy Robert Miler popularly Known as Master P is an american rapper, actor, record producer, an enterpreneur and also a former basketball player. He is the Chief Executive Officer Of P. Miller Enterprises, he is into so many business and own several investments which brings his net worth to a whooping $200M US dollars
5. Eminem : Net Worth $230M
Eminem is the one of the few people i know who hates their mom, the name eminem is an abbrevation for EVERY MOTHER IS NICE EXCEPT MINE.
Eminem is the world succesfull white rapper in the world and also one of the worlds most decorated rapper and he also raps very fast, and he is one of the rappers who changed the game.

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