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Top 10 Safest Countries In The World 2021

10. Switzerland
Switzerland remains a stable and prosperous country where tribal and religious diversity is embraced. Switzerland is number third in the United Nation’s Happiness Report, it also ranks above the average among OECD nations when it comes to subjective well-being, income, health, education and environmental quality.
Switzerland have a total of 240,000 army personel out of a population of just 8 Million.

9. Czech Republic
Crime rates in Czech Republic have steadily decreased over the years, especially violent crimes. This is despite the fact they have easy access to weapons in the country. The Czech Republic also has a low impact of terrorism. The country’s fall in rankings is due to its relatively high involvement in foreign conflicts, the high ratio of the number of prisoners per capita, and the assessment of security forces and police.

8. Japan
Japan has been in the top ten countries in the Global Peace Index for 12 years, consistently receiving high marks for low crime rates, internal conflict, and political terror. Japan is known for having limited immigration and limited access to firearms. Japan does not see carrying a firearm to be an individual’s right. Tokyo which is the capital is considered to be the safest city in the world, according to the Safe Cities Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranking first in cybersecurity, second for health security, and fourth for infrastructure and personal security.

7. Singapore
Singapore is on spot 7 due to low domestic and international conflicts, plus high levels of societal safety.
The government and police strictly control guns and other firearms, so violent and confrontational crime are rare in Singapore. The city-state is also the second-safest city in the world according to the Safe Cities Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Singapore ranked first for infrastructure and personal security, second for digital security, and eighth for health security.

6. Canada
Canada received particularly good scores for internal conflicts, levels of crime, and political stability. In addition to good job opportunities, great access to healthcare, and effective government, Canada has some of the most notoriously friendly people in the world. Canada has a crime rate that is about one-third that of its neighbor, the United States. In a 2018 Gallup survey, 84% of Canadians surveyed said that they felt safe in their country.

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