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Jamb To Sanction Universities For Ilegal Admissions

Jamb has said it will sanction all the  information involved in the act of giving out Ilegal admission to students who they haven’t been given admission on caps, from the statement it means if you have been admitted on the school portal and your caps is showing not admitted it means your admission is Ilegal.

And jamb has urged all the institutions involved in the act to deviate, so as not to face the consequences, and harm the students.
And one of the reasons the schools are doing this is to make the students accept the program they wishes other than what the students applied for.
For example in some University Many people find themselves doing courses they didn’t apply for why??
it’s all because they didn’t pass the cut off Mark very well and also because they (varsity) have gotten the numbers of candidate they want for that particular program so, they will move a Computer science applicant to Computer science and education, or a Computer Science Education to Educational Technology.
it’s left for you to accept or reject.
but what will you do after looking for a medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Nursing, Computer Engineering ETC admission for 4 years, you will give up and settle for a lower course.
But note the course you study or being a graduate doesn’t guarantee you being Rich in Life.
For example to be Rich in Nigeria You have to gain your BSC or any related degree, serve and keep the documents at home then you and hustle (entrepreneurship)

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