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HOW TO BANK 400k/month selling online with affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Sometime back in 2020 (quarantine period) I made an astonishing discovery about a highly profitable business that most Nigerian don’t know about.

I didn’t know what to do to multiply my income, I was lost, depressed, sad and also Broke! Until I made a discovery while viewing a story on Instagram

I noticed that this guy will always post about marketing, making sales and a community winning from making sales.

I’m fact that’s month I noticed he’ll post how many sales he makes in a week and profits he gets from each sales he made.

There was this particular product he sold that was making him up to N22,000 per person and he makes more than 3 sales a day.

If you do the maths that is N22,000 multiplied by 3 = N66,000

And if he made 3 sales each day per week that is N594,000 each week as an expert in sales.

For someone to make N66,000 a day and N594,000 that means it was a very high profitable lucrative business.

And everyday he always make sales.

What he was selling was digital products , I mean just mere digital products.

He never had to buy this products to resell or neither did he pay for the customers he was getting, they were all organic and it kept growing.

How crazy is that?

I call this business model – Affiliate marketing and it can be highly profitable.

I had to know more about this business

So, I made a purchase with a sum of N50,000 and started learning this business model from scratch.

The first product That was sold was a health product which made me N7,500 per sale

Making 27 sales within 2 weeks from that particular product.

I didn’t have to buy to sell, I didn’t have to pay for the customers I was getting, it was all organic and all profits were going to my bank account.

It just takes an effort of picking a Hot product (whAt people really wants) then start selling.

Think about it.

How many business will you start with N50,000 and make N202,500 within 2 weeks as a beginner?

This business model works based on 3 ways:

1. Picking the hottest products to sell
2. Finding a large audience desperately in need of that product
3. Using a smart selling strategy to make a high return.

This business model is for everyone who is willing to be

Aspiring & Existing Online Entrepreneurs Freelancers
Social media influencers
And anyone looking to 10X their income online

Affiliate marketing is the best online business so far.

Affiliate marketing is basically the key to your online business success and can only be attainable through this program known as 72IG implementation program.
Now this 72IG implementation program is a program that will teach you the basics of a whole bunch of skills.

Such as Graphics Designing, Web designing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook & IG advertising , email marketing automations, building a sales funnel, copywriting etc
Not just Will it teach you the basics of these skills.

You will also learn how to use these skills to make money online and apply them to your businesses which will bring in sales for you.

And beyond that, you will also learn how to bring these skills together in other to start online business separately.

And in case you have mastered all these skills before but you aren’t making enough money from it yet, the 72IG program will show you how to earn a living online with combination of these skills.

Here is a chance for you to learn profitable digital skills and how to use them to make money online.


Yes, a significant number of students appear to be getting good results by following the 72IG implementation training.
Apart from the testimonial you see on the video sales page, there are other students making N100,000-N400,000 a month.

On the brighter side, a new affiliate that joined went on to over N1 million in his first month, and withing 8 months made N7,000,000 plus.

Who should take this course?
The 72IG Implementation Program is intended for “online marketing newbies,” people who have tried and failed to earn at least N400,000 per month in affiliate marketing – selling hot digital products they do not have to create or own.

Interested in The 72IG Implementation Program?
If so, I highly recommend you go watch the FREE WEBNER PUT TOGETHER BY TOYIN OMOTOSO
It gives a solid overview of their entire system.

And if you’ve already decided to sign up for 72IG, do yourself a favor and buy it with a big discount.

As far as making money with affiliate marketing is concerned. All the strategies you need are in the 72ig program.

Are you ready to get started?!

As you can see this business are for people who are willing to work for their money.

Think about it, where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling to make online business work for you? Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of selling your products and services online, automatically, while you sleep?

I’ve shared with you my personal story, on how easy it is to start and includes my testimonials from people who are making money with this system right now, even as you read this… and I’ve even offered this system to you 100% RISK-FREE FOR TWO FULL MONTHS with a money back guaranteed.

You just need to have a minimum of N45,000 to get started .

Ready to start? Comment Yes!

Click this link to get the FREE video and to get Started NOW! https://rebrand.ly/Rp/session/bank-750k/month-class
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